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If you have had or are going to have weight loss surgery, it is important to realize that you will need weight loss surgery support. Weight loss surgery support is necessary because weight loss surgery results in significant changes in your life. You can look for surgery support before having the weight loss surgery but the support is even more crucial after surgery.

Weight loss surgery support before weight loss surgery will mainly help you through the fear and anxiety regarding surgery. You can work through the fear by gathering as much information as possible regarding your chosen weight loss procedure. Before surgery, your weight loss support is likely to come from your weight loss surgery surgeon, dietician and from members of your family.

Weight loss surgery support is even more crucial after surgery. The type of support you receive will determine your long term weight loss success. Life after weight loss surgery can be very difficult because you are going to have to make substantial changes in your lifestyle. For long term success, a weight loss surgery patient will need encouragement and advice so that they can stick to their diet and therefore continue to lose weight.

It is important to join a weight loss surgery support group whether or not you are getting support from your family members and loved ones. The support groups are made up of people, who like you, have had weight loss surgery. The support and encouragement you get from people who know exactly what you are going through can be invaluable. Studies have shown that people who join support groups after weight loss surgery have a higher chance of losing more weight than people who do not join support groups.

A weight loss surgery support group gives members an opportunity to share experiences, have their questions about the weight loss journey answered and get emotional support. A significant proportion of people who were morbidly obese and therefore needed weight loss surgery became obese due to battling personal issues such as depression, body image issues and the like. The support groups can be of great help in resolving these issues.

Members of weight loss surgery support groups can share stories, swap recipes, give advice on the most effective exercises for weight loss and simply share a camaraderie resulting from shared experiences.

There are two types of support groups, online support groups and traditional support groups which involve actually attending a meeting with other people at a specific location. Both types of support groups help and your choice between the two will depend on your personal situation. If you are in a location where there are no physical meetings, an online weight loss surgery support group will have to do.