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Weight Loss Surgery Before and After

Weight loss surgery is available as one of the last options but also the most effective means for weight control. However, because of the inherent risks and complications associated with bariatric methods of weight control, getting permission to undergo weight loss surgery can be a long and arduous process.

The lifestyle difference with weight loss surgery before and after is significant. In fact, it is imperative that the individual who has undergone weight loss surgery persist in establishing a major adjustment in both eating habits and level of activity.

It is also important the patient understands the risks and requirements that are involved prior to seeking approval for weight loss surgery. The patient must not only meet the requirements but be mentally prepared to take up the challenges of their post surgical lifestyle.

So what are the before and after lifestyle differences in weight loss surgery? At the top of the list is frequency and size of portions that one can eat. The purpose of weight loss surgery is to reduce the active volume of the stomach via methods that include Gastric Bypass, Adjustable Gastric Band, and Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Reduction of the stomach’s active volume requires stapling the stomach to render some portions “unusable” then re-routing the stomach-to-intestine connection to the area with active volume; in the case of Adjustable Gastric Band, the method involves fixing a band that performs the same job as compartmentalizing the stomach for volume reduction.

The reduced stomach volume limits the amount of food the patient can take in and this is one of the most significant differences for weight loss surgery before and after. Whereas before, the only limit to food intake is control and appetite, now the stomach can take in significantly less amounts of food. Any extra intake can actually lead to side effects such as vomiting because the stomach forcefully rejects the excess food volume because of space constraints. This is the main mechanism by which weight loss is achieved as the reduced food intake limits calorie consumption.

As a consequence of the reduced food intake, another difference with weight loss surgery before and after has to do with more frequent meals. To maintain a healthy intake of nutrients, proteins, vitamins and other healthy compounds needed by the body to function normally, weight loss surgery patients need to eat smaller portions up to 6 times a day.

Aside from this, there are other significant considerations for weight loss surgery before and after such as proper chewing of food prior to swallowing, as well as staying away from voluminous food types like steaks unless they are ground properly or chewed on before being transferred to the stomach. This recommendation extends to fluid intake during eating.

The reduced stomach volume will not be able to accept solids and liquids together at any given time, hence it is advisable to drink only after having your fill. Also the patient needs to drink healthy liquids. Soda and sweetened drinks have no nutritional value and only wastes stomach space.

Since the patient will not be able to take in as much nutrition and the part of the intestines is bypassed that absorbs the nutrients the body needs, there will be a need to take vitamin supplements to supply these needs. This will be a life long commitment that must be met.

If you are thinking about a gastric bypass, talk to your doctor for a comprehensive list of requirements and risks for weight loss surgery before and after. This will help give you an idea of the required effort needed after the surgery to the control that must be used as far as eating habits and an increased exercise program.

Still, if weight loss surgery is the only effective means for losing weight, one should not hesitate to inquire as to its requirements for approval. This is especially true if you are having serious health problems due to your access weight. Having a gastric bypass is a life changing decision that will give you a healthier outlook on life and as long as you are willing to cope with the weight loss surgery before and after changes that must be made and stick with them for life.

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