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Stomach reduction surgery is another term for the more common and more technical bariatric Surgery or bypass surgery. In many countries all over the world, stomach reduction surgery is fast gaining reputation as a viable alternative for weight loss. Whenever typical and conventional weight loss methods like dieting and exercise do not work, or if one is already classified as morbidly obese, stomach reduction surgery is definitely an option that is worth checking out.

There are 16 total types of Bariatric surgery but for purposes of conciseness, we’ll only examine a few of the more popular methods. In particular, stomach reduction techniques apply the principle of restrictive food and calorie intake. The primary goal of this method is to reduce the size of the stomach – hence, stomach reduction surgery – to limit the amount of food that can be eaten by the patient.

Here are the two forms of stomach reduction surgery according to the restriction principle used.

· Stomach Banding. This is the most recently developed and most popular method owing to its simplicity and minimal invasiveness. Stomach banding basically uses an adjustable band that is fitted over the whole or a section of the stomach. The band size can be adjusted to constrict the stomach and reduce its effective volume. Consequently, the band can be removed in some forms of stomach reduction surgery should the patient choose to want to return to a normal lifestyle without the aid of a stomach reduction device.

· Stomach Stapling. Where stomach banding can be a temporary and reversible method in most forms of stomach reduction surgery, stomach stapling is a permanent and non-reversible method. Simply put, it reduces the stomach volume by shutting off a large part of the stomach with surgery staples.

· Combined Methods. There are also stomach reduction surgery methods that combine stapling and banding. In these cases, a gastric sleeve is cut out of the stomach to reduce the volume and then fitted with an adjustable band to further control food intake.

In recent years, stomach reduction surgery has enjoyed considerable popularity, especially with the development of laparoscopic band surgery. This is a minimally invasive procedure with uses small incisions to fit the adjustable band. The recovery period is reduced to a few days and the side effects of other forms of the surgery are normally avoided. Better yet, the procedure is also reversible which makes it a popular choice for people who do not want to be forever stuck with a diet that is not restrictive and extremely difficult to follow.

So if you need major weight loss intervention, consider the idea of stomach reduction surgery. With advanced methods, it is virtually painless and definitely well worth the effort. Check with a doctor if you are qualified for stomach reduction surgery and take that first step towards being healthy and fit. There is no reason for you to continue being frustrated with weight loss methods that do not work for you. Go with a stomach reduction surgery and be on the fast track to freedom from weight problems.

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