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Requirements for Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the popular surgical options available for individuals who have consistent health problems that are related to their weight. Used as a surgical treatment for morbidly obese individuals, the gastric bypass procedure involves the surgeon dividing the stomach into two parts, commonly referred to as pouches. The order of division is such that the smaller pouch sits on the much larger pouch. The surgeon then reorganizes the small intestine so as to be able to connect both pouches to it.

The end result of the gastric bypass procedure results in significant weight loss on the individual’s part. Often an individual may choose plastic surgery after the gastric bypass procedure but, it should be noted that this is an optional procedure.

Though the gastric bypass procedure has certain health benefits to the individual, it is not suitable for everyone. As such, there are certain requirements for gastric bypass surgery that an individual has to conform to in order for the surgeon to recommend the procedure.

The requirements for gastric bypass can be classified based on different individual factors. Some of the major factors include age, weight, mental health, as well as physical health and an individual’s attitude.

Age is one of the most crucial factors considered when deciding whether one is a candidate for the procedure or not. In order for one to be eligible for a gastric bypass, the individual has to be between the age of 18 and 65. However, it is worth noting that some gastric bypass procedures have been performed on younger children who have consent from the parents in order to undergo the surgery.

Any surgical procedure may exert physical, mental and emotional stress on the patient. As such, it is deemed necessary for candidates seeking the procedure to undergo mental health screening to ensure that they are emotionally and mentally sound to deal with the drastic changes that follow the surgery.

One of the most important requirements for gastric bypass of course has to do with the weight factor. As previously noted, a gastric bypass procedure is only recommended to individuals who are classified as morbidly obese. In terms of one’s Body Mass Index, this means that individuals have to have a BMI of greater than 40. In terms of weight, it means that candidates need to be greater than 100 pounds over their optimal weight based on their gender and height.

In terms of physical health, candidates for the procedure need to be healthy enough to survive a surgery as major as a gastric bypass operation. For instance, health complications such as high blood pressure and diabetes may pose certain risks to a patient’s health and may hamper the chances of the surgery’s success. In this case they would probably need to correct these factors first.

As we can see, even though the surgery is getting safer and has less complications than in the past, there are still requirements for gastric bypass that must be met. These requirements exist solely for the safety of the patient.