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Price of Gastric Bypass Surgery

While gastric bypass surgery can be a viable option for those looking to lose weight for health reasons, it can be quite financially challenging to pull money from your own pocket to pay for everything from pre to post surgery procedures. Unless your sitting on a large amount of cash that you can produce in an instant, the price of gastric bypass surgery requires some creative planning and thinking. Still, we cannot put a price tag on our health. Thus, getting the unhealthy weight off ourselves or a loved one may necessary at times in order to be able to have any sort of enjoyable life.

Depending on where you intend to get the procedure and the exact type of operation you are getting, the price of gastric bypass surgery can range from $17,000 to $35,000. This total amount can be broken down to include doctor's fees, pre-operation checkups and laboratory tests, anesthesia and hospital fees.

Post-surgery, there are likewise associated costs such as cosmetic intervention for removing excess skin, dietary expenses, the services of a fitness expert and many others. All in all, the price of gastric bypass surgery can easily balloon up to $70,000 before the point is reached when the patient has completely settled into a healthy weight.

The most important thing to remember concerning this type of surgery is that health insurance providers aren't completely happy about the subject. However, certain specialized health care policies already cover the price of gastric bypass surgery, although these are still rare and far between.

Normal health plans only cover a fraction of the price of gastric bypass surgery and even then, there are preconditions that have to be satisfied before health care insurance coverage will take effect.

As a basic practice, patients need to show complete documentation from their doctors detailing the patients efforts over a good period of time to lose weight via natural means to no avail. Doctors also need to issue a certification expressing the health risks faced by the patient relating to lifestyle diseases with high fataility rates like diabetes and heart attack as a primary reason for the need to get gastric bypass operation. In cases where the doctor certifies the patient is already under heavy risk because a co-morbid disease is already existing, acquiring coverage for the price of gastric bypass surgery from Medicaid, Medicare, and Medigap plans can be easier although still not guaranteed.

Sound financial planning is necessary in order to fully embrace the price of gastric bypass surgery. However, there are measures that can be taken to try to bring the costs to a more affordable level. For example, urban areas like New York and California charge higher surgeon fees than other regions because doctors are in higher demand.

Though it may be inconvenient, going to a doctor that is equally experienced in practice but lives in an area with fewer demands for gastric bypass surgery can reduce the surgical fees by a considerable amount. In particular, the Southern and Central states are good locations to find cheaper surgical charges as well as hospital fees. Some patients are even going out of the country to reduce the price of gastric bypass surgery by a large percentage.

It is of course always better to lose weight by diet and exercise. Not only is this more economical but safer for the individual since there are serious risks involved when it comes to bypass surgery. There is also a huge post surgical lifestyle change that must be made for long term success.

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