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Preparing For Gastric Bypass Surgery

Obesity has become a common lifestyle disease as a result of an increase in junk food in our diet. This has led to an increase in the number of gastric bypass surgeries being carried out. Gastric bypass I am sure you know is a type of weight loss surgery. It works by making the stomach smaller and the digestive system shorter. It thus reduces both the amount and absorption of food into the body, leading to weight loss. There are several aspects to be considered when one is preparing for gastric bypass surgery.

Pre-surgery preparation involves first talking to the surgeon who explains the procedure and its pros and cons. The surgeon will outline for you the benefits, risks and alternatives. Once you decide to go through the procedure, you will then be given the pre-surgery conditions that you need to meet. Some of these conditions include being put on a pre-operative diet and having your vitals (blood pressure, heart rate) checked. As part of the pre-operative preparations, one will be required to go for several screening sessions for the surgeon to be sure you qualify for the surgery. There are actually a number of physical and mental requirements that must be passed before the procedure will be done by most doctors.

The success of gastric bypass surgery is dependent on post- surgery activities as much as the procedure itself. Preparing for gastric bypass surgery also involves one’s commitment to follow the instructions of the surgeon on the post-operative requirements. One requirement is a change in lifestyle. One needs to reduce consumption of refined foods and foods packed with fats and carbohydrates. You will also need to increase your water intake.

Another important aspect to consider when preparing for gastric bypass surgery is psychological preparation. Just like any other surgery, the procedure comes with its risks and possible complications. Once the surgeon has outlined these to you, you can make an informed choice. However, though the final decision is yours it is important that your family is aware of the surgery you are intending to take.

When preparing for gastric bypass surgery, one also needs to consider the cost implications. The surgery itself is fairly expensive. First find out if it is covered by your health insurance. Also consider the expenses incurred during the hospital stay as well as recuperating expenses. This is normally an area that is overlooked and it can lead to financial burdens for family members if not considered beforehand.

Many patients of gastric bypass surgery are only concerned with preparing for the surgery itself and forget to consider important future issues. It is not enough for the actual surgery to go well. For the procedure to be deemed a success, it is important for one to prepare physically, psychologically and financially so that the post operation period runs as smoothly as the operation itself.

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