Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Surgery

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Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Surgery

Gastric bypass is one of the types of weight loss surgery. The surgery simply involves dividing the stomach into two parts, a small upper part and a larger lower part. Part of the small intestine and the larger part of the stomach are bypassed. After surgery, the patient is only able to consume very small amounts of food due to the very small stomach. The portion of the small intestine where the majority of food is absorbed is bypassed during surgery thereby limiting the number of calories that are absorbed. By limiting both the calories and the amount of food consumed there can be rapid weight loss after gastric bypass surgery.

Weight loss is the main aim of a gastric bypass surgery. However, the very rapid weight loss that occurs results in loose skin hanging from the body. This happens because the rapid weight loss does not give the skin the elasticity it needs to shrink back as it would if the weight loss was more gradual. Because of this unsightly loose skin, plastic surgery after weight surgery many times is essential.

Plastic surgery after weight loss surgery is not strictly speaking cosmetic surgery. This is because the excess amounts of skin due to lack of elasticity are not only unsightly, but the folds in the skin may be hard to keep clean which may lead to skin infections and skin irritation. The folds of skin also make it very hard to find well-fitting clothes.

Plastic surgery after gastric bypass is performed on parts of the body that are prone to excessive skin. These parts of the body include the abdomen, thighs, neck, face, buttocks, back, legs and arms.

The different types of plastic surgery after weight loss surgery which may need to be performed include abdominoplasty which is also known as a tummy tuck, brachioplasty which is an arm lift surgery, rhytidectomy which is a face lift surgery, belt lipectomy which is a body lift surgery, thigh lift and blepharoplasty which is surgery performed on the eye lids.

The plastic surgery needed after a gastric bypass does not only address issues of excess, hanging skin but it is also carried out to address issues of loss of fat volume in areas where fat is needed. An example of such a procedure is a mastopexy, which is a breast lift surgery. The breast lift surgery is performed in women to lift drooping or sagging breasts and may include breast augmentation where breast implants are inserted. Mastopexy is also carried out on men but involves breast reduction.

The plastic surgery after weight loss surgery is often referred to as body contouring surgery. A patient can have one or several procedures performed on them. Usually, more than one procedure can be performed at once such as a tummy tuck and breast lift surgery. However, most surgeons will perform a maximum of 3 procedures during one surgery to limit the amount of time the surgery takes.