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Obesity Surgery Cost

Obesity surgery cost presents one of the biggest hurdles when looking into Bariatric surgery as a solution to weight problems. Unfortunately, not everyone can quite generate the money necessary to go through a weight loss procedure. With the rising medical costs combined with the importance of Bariatric surgery as a tool to addressing weight problems, it is essential to properly plan for both the surgery per se and the corresponding obesity surgery cost.

The actual surgery cost is incumbent on a few important factors that help to influence the final number on the price tag. The type of surgery has a direct bearing on cost as well as the location where the surgery will be done. This is because the type of surgery oftentimes determines medication requirements, length of hospital stay, required therapy sessions to facilitate recovery and similar concerns that give rise to cost incidentals. Consequently, the location gives rise to varying surgeon’s fees, the price for extended stay in a facility; even the price of the medication can vary from one area to another.

Estimates put the final numbers of obesity surgery cost between $18,000 and $38,000 depending on the already mentioned factors. The biggest chunk of this comes from hospital and surgeon fees which accounts for about 70% of the total expense.

Beyond this, patients must also prepare for relevant expenses that can bring the cost further up. Is there a need for cosmetic surgical intervention to correct the results of the procedure? Do patients need to employ the services of a dietician to ensure proper nutrition post surgery? These concerns are beyond the scope of initial estimates but might be necessary in order to fully achieve the desired results.

Thankfully, there are more than a few available options to help patients foot the bill for obesity surgery cost.

§ In certain cases, and only after thorough medical evaluation and with the presence of doctor’s recommendations, Medicare can shoulder a portion of the hospital bills. This is the case when obesity gives rise to serious medical complications that are only remedied or eliminated with surgery. Still, patients will need to go through a verification process to determine if surgery is the only possible method towards weight loss or doctors will not give the recommendation for Medicare to foot the bill.

§ Obesity surgery loans are also available. Most work like normal loans with pre-defined payment schemes and applicable interest rates.

Given the importance of Bariatric surgery to promote the health of patients, obesity surgery cost should be the least consideration in everyone’s mind. Unfortunately, that is a statement fraught with idealism more than realism. In reality, cost is as much a factor as the importance of the procedure.

Still, with more than a few available methods to finance Bariatric surgery, patients should find it in themselves to put their health over cost concerns in order to be assured of a long, healthy life rather than one constantly peppered with worries regarding co-morbidities and complications that can arise due to unresolved weight problems. Such is the ultimate benefit of Bariatric surgery and it is one that makes obesity surgery cost a secondary concern in the grand scheme of things.