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How Much Does Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost? - March 2011

Before individuals opting for a weight loss surgery could decide whether to get under the knife, they always want an answer to this question first – “How much does gastric bypass surgery cost,” so that they can assess if their financial capacity is enough for the whole, life-changing process.

Gastric bypass surgeries are quite expensive, given the amount of medical expertise and equipment that it requires. On average, the total amount of a single gastric bypass surgery ranges from 18,000 – 35,000 USD. The figure may rise or fall, depending on certain factors.

Usually, the aforementioned gastric bypass surgery cost includes the following:

Hospital facility
Surgeon’s service fee
Pre-operative laboratories and X-rays

Factors that may affect the price:

Geographic location – the cost is usually higher is urban areas as it is densely populated and the demand for surgeons is high.
Type of facility – some facilities charge far higher in defense that their equipment and hospital services are high-end and top-quality.
Hospitalization period – longer hospital periods, as to when further observations are necessary, also yield higher hospital bills.

How much does gastric bypass surgery cost - cannot be always answered straightforward. This is due to the fact that there are “associated costs” underlying the procedure. These bills are not usually added to the basic price of the surgery because it’s dependent on the personal choice of the patient. Such associated costs are evident in the following scenario:

For instance, after the surgery, the patient may hire diet advisers and exercise mentors and these include to the associated costs of the surgery.
The patient’s medicines such as vitamins, and supplements add up to the total cost too.
Lastly, patients who opt for body contouring procedures for loose muscles and saggy areas after the procedure, and after losing enough weight also end up spending more.

Finding solutions

It is of equal importance for a patient to know how much does gastric bypass surgery cost so that he/she can determine the financial actions to initiate.

Contacting one’s insurance company and verifying whether the surgery can be covered is an example of how one can cut down the expenditure. Most companies usually cover cases of obesity. On the other hand, if the insurance does not cover the said procedure, one can still negotiate for financial payment plans.

Other patients are self-pay, but the financial burden of paying for oneself relies on whether the patient has enough resources or not. There are patients who are paying out of their pockets, but they’re not minding it at all because they have the money to spend and they get enough satisfaction for what they’ve paid for.

Patients who are caught in a financial dilemma are such pitiful sites to see, and this scenario is something that can be prevented with proper financial planning and maximization of resources. Nevertheless, if one asks a “satisfied consumer” of how much does gastric bypass surgery cost, that individual would surely answer something like this: the price is high, and the return - even higher.