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Gastric bypass surgery is performed somewhere around the world hundreds of times a day. It is one of the most common procedures done in the medical world. Because it is so widely used, there is a lot of gastric bypass surgery information available for anyone interested in finding out more on the subject. The goal of a gastric bypass is to make the stomach significantly small and bypass the remaining portion, as well as much of the intestines. The patients will lose weight for two reasons. The first reason is they eat much less food, and the second is even the food they eat is not as absorbed into the body near as much because most of the areas that took out the nutrients are no longer in use.

The results of a gastric bypass are almost amazing. The majority of individuals who have the surgery lose up to 80% of their body weight. When they lose this weight, they are also happy to find many other health problems that accompanied their obesity have disappeared along with their weight.

Even though bypass surgery is a common surgery, there are still many complications that can occur. It is considered a major surgery and with any major surgery there are risks involved. There is also the post surgery lifestyle changes that have to be considered before the surgery. Many of the foods you once enjoyed will no longer be tolerated by your body and will be off limits are far as your diet is concerned. You also be required to eat much smaller portions or your body will pay the price. Your stomach will be very small and you must eat very slowly as to not fill it up. If you eat more than it can hold there will be nausea and possibly vomiting.

There are different types of gastric bypass surgeries. The laparoscopic procedure is the most widely used now. It is a much less invasive surgery, and the recovery time is greatly reduced as well as the complications and risks. There is also a mini gastric bypass surgery available for those that qualify. The complications and risks of this bypass are even far less than the laparoscopic surgery. The reason for these statistics are that the intestines are not severed, and the length of the surgery is less than an hour.

There are still other bypass surgeries available and your surgeon will tell you which is best for you in your particular situation. There is also other gastric bypass surgery information articles you can find on the internet that will that go more in depth about the surgery procedures themselves.

Before a surgery will be performed, there will first be a number of both mental and physical tests that must be undergone. The physical tests will see if your body is in good enough condition to safely have the procedure, and the mental tests will see if you can you are mentally prepared to handle a lifelong commitment to changes your body will force you to make.

Even though a gastric bypass is considered a major surgery, there must be some things said about the post surgery problems to make this article on gastric bypass surgery information complete.

To many individuals, it is the time following the surgery that is the most difficult. Many times there is depression after a major surgery of any kind. You are ill, your body has just had a major surgery, and you have a lot of spare time to think about problems. Post surgery depression is a normal occurrence and will pass as your body heals and you are able to be more active. Support groups can be a great help.

As mentioned earlier, gastric bypass surgery is a lifelong commitment. At times it is not easy. Your stomach will be about the size of an egg and you must eat and drink very small portions. You will be required to take vitamin supplements and other medications for the rest of your life. These are not for extra nourishment, but for nourishment needed to survive. For long term benefits you must be committed to you diet and to exercise for life.

This might seem a little harsh, but it is something you need to realize before the surgery. Your life will not be the same. However, if you are willing to have a positive attitude and stay with your program, all the mentioned obstacles will one day be overcome. Not only will they be overcome, but you can be one of the 80% of gastric bypass surgery patients that go on to live a long healthy life.

I hope this gastric bypass surgery information has been helpful. You will find other articles on our website going into more details on subjects related to bypass surgery.