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There is no surgery anyone looks forward to, especially when they know after the surgery is over they are going to have to live a whole new lifestyle, and be forced to break a number of old habits. That will not be an easy task.

If you are searching the internet for information on a bypass support group, you have probably just had, or preparing to have a gastric bypass. If so, your physician has probably already informed you about the basics of how the operation is performed and the hoped for results. The portion of the stomach you will be using after the operation is going to be extremely small. Most of your stomach and much of you intestines will be bypassed, leaving you able to only ingest a cup or two of food at a time. For the first few weeks you will be on a very strict diet that must be followed emphatically to help prevent complications from occurring. There is no part of this situation that is going to be easy unless you happen to be one of those rare individuals who are able to keep a positive attitude even through the most trying of times. This is why many post bypass patients look for a gastric bypass support group.

The first few weeks out of the hospital is when you can use a support group the most. Your body has just gone through a major trauma and you will very possibly lose your appetite as so often happens after any serious operation. So, you are tired, your are in pain and your previous lifestyle has as of now come to a sudden halt. Why wouldn't you need a little support? I know I would.

Most individuals have close friends or family members they can depend on to help them through difficult situations. However, as wonderful as that is, some post operative patients find it comforting at times to communicate with people who they know are in their exact situation. They are having to take the same medication, follow the same diet, do the same exercises, and go through the same pain that you are experiences. Loved ones are so nice to have there with you, but as much as they want to help and try to understand, they don't really KNOW what you are going through as you try to take one day at a time. The individuals in a gastric bypass support group know exactly what is going on in your life and exactly how you are feeling.

Most of the bypass support groups come in the form of forums. You can electronically chat with each other, or if you have the equipment on your computer, actually carry on a conversation. Once you have been on the forum for a few weeks, people begin to know your name and there may be certain people you feel more comfortable with. There have even been many lasting friendships develop through support groups.

If you live in or near a large city, with a little investigation you may be able to find a support group in your area that has occasional meetings and gatherings where members can get together and vent any problems or frustrations. This, as well as the support forums on the internet, is also a good way to pick up some great tips from members who have already made it through the recovery period you are in at the present time.

As time passes, you will begin to start feeling better, adjusting to your new lifestyle, and get a more positive attitude as you see the weight falling off. However, when this happens do not forget about your gastric bypass support group. At times you may have an off day and need someone to give you a little cheering up. Or better still, why not stay with the group just so you can help someone else have a better day, thanks to you.