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Though there are always medical risks with any type of surgery, it has been found that in most cases gastric bypass benefits outweigh the risks. There is a number of reasons for this. Let us discuss a few of them for a moment.

Morbid obesity can reduce the lifespan of an individual by 20% according to their body weight and age. This is in part because of the lower risks of heart disease, pulmonary problems and even cancer.

Not only do gastric bypass benefits include increasing your lifespan, but your quality of life as well by greatly reducing the number of other health problems associated with morbid obesity.

Studies have shown that just months after a gastric bypass up to 80% of individuals with hypertension are able to not only reduce the amount, but stop taking their medication altogether. This also holds true with 90% of those with type II non-insulin dependent diabetes.

Gastric bypass benefits do not stop giving health relief in just the above mentioned instances. There are many more medical related problems that are either drastically improved or completely done away with. These can include joint pain and arthritis, fatigue, sleep problems, acid reflux, breathing problems and asthma.

The National Institute of Health has even stated that gastric bypass benefits go beyond the benefits of just a medical nature. Studies have found that after their weight loss patients have an overall better outlook on life. In many cases their earning potential is improved and they find less job discrimination in the work market. There is also a much greater feeling of self esteem.

One other thing that might be mentioned is the great advancements in bypass surgery over the last decade has in most instances made it a much safer operation. There is a lot of laparoscopic surgery being done than only requires a few small incisions instead of the large that were once used. This of course greatly reduces the chance of complications as well as a shortened recovery time. However, there are cases where this type of surgery can not be used due to certain medical conditions the patient may have.

It must be said at this point that although there is a vast number of gastric bypass benefits, it is still a major surgery and there are always risks involved. It is also a surgery that needs to be thought about very seriously. Gastric bypass surgery requires a change of lifestyle and eating habits to have successful long term effects. However, if the patient can make these changes they have the opportunity for a much longer and happier way of life.

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