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If you are considering gastric bypass surgery you have a big decision to make. It is not a temporary solution but a life time commitment. There will be diet and exercise programs to adhere to in order to gain your long term goals. You must take supplement vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body can no longer absorb, but must have to survive. These are not obstacles that can not be overcome, but they are obstacles you need to be prepared for.

If you have done some research, or talked to a physician, you are aware of the many risks and complications that can occur. Some of these complications are very serious, and in a small number of cases include death. However, if you are sufficiently overweight to be considering a gastric bypass, you are very likely experiencing health problems that must be solved.

You have probably come to this page because you are researching all options before making any final decisions. You may be searching for a gastric bypass alternative. This is a wise idea on your part. One should always go into a major surgery armed with all the knowledge of the surgery itself, as well as the recovery process and long term expectations.

One gastric bypass alternative is the lap band procedure. Although it also is an invasive surgery, it is considered less invasive than even a laparoscopic bypass. This is because there are less operative procedures involved which result in much less time on the operating table and a significantly smaller chance of complications. As far as statistics go, the mortality rate for lap band surgery is less than half of the rate for conventional bypass surgery. The hospital stay is usually 24 hours or less and you can return to normal activity within a week. Regarding serious complications, they are also significantly less than half of conventional bypass surgery. If your insurance carrier is not helping you with the surgery, another plus is it is usually only around $18,000 as compared to $25,000 for bypass surgery. If your physician has not mentioned lap band surgery, you might question him about it. It is perhaps not in his line of expertize. Even heart surgeons have their different areas of specialization.

Another gastric bypass alternative is the mini gastric bypass. Although it is still considered bypass surgery, it is much less invasive the time in the operating room is cut from 4 hours to less than one hour. In this procedure the top of the stomach is still significantly reduced in size, but the rest of it is made into a tube that bypasses a large part of the intestines, but the intestines are not severed. This greatly lessens the chance of complications. As with the lap band procedure, the procedure is faster, causes less pain to the patient, and there is much less of a recovery time. As far as the cost, it is the most economical of the three surgeries, usually costing in the $10,000-$12,000 range.

If you are considering a gastric bypass alternative, you might want to further investigate these two procedures. They will both reduce time on the operating table, time for recovery and greatly reduce the chance of risks and complications. They are also both priced considerable less than the conventional laparoscopic and open bypass surgeries.

Even though the lap band procedure and the mini bypass both have much better recovery statistics, they are still considered major surgeries and there are still risks and complications involved. You will also still be required to change your eating habits and begin exercise programs. There is no easy cure for your problem. No matter which surgery you choose, it is going to require hard work and steadfastness on your part to succeed.

This article is not suggesting or endorsing any particular method of surgery. It is merely a way of making you aware of the fact there could be a gastric bypass alternative for you if you so choose.