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Importance of Your Diet For Gastric Bypass Surgery

One of the most important things, if not the most important thing about a bypass procedure, is adhering to the diet for gastric bypass and other instructions you will be given when discharged from the hospital. This diet plan was written by experts in the field of nutrition, and is given to you for your benefit and guidance. If you follow your diet for gastric bypass properly there is a much less chance of future complications occurring, and your chances of long term success increases dramatically.

One of the first things you must realize and commit to is your medical situation and the things you must do not only on a short term basis, but for the rest of your life. If you can not live with this you are destined for more problems. Your stomach is now, or will be after you have had the surgery, about the size of an egg. You will only be able to eat very small helping of food at a time or you will find yourself in pain or vomiting. This is not a very enjoyable way to spend the day, but after you have overeaten a few times you will learn what your body can handle and not handle.

For the first day of your diet for gastric bypass you will only be allowed to have clear liquids such as water, clear fruit juice or sodas. If your caregiver finds you are having no problems with the clear liquids, they will start giving you semi clear liquids which is all you will be permitted to have for the next 3 or 4 weeks. You will find you must sip or eat your foods very slowly to avoid any problems. Your stomach can now only hold a very small amount and anything you put in it over that amount will be trying to come back up or give you stomach pains.

Your diet for gastric bypass will for a few weeks consist mainly of meals that have the texture of a thick soup. You can eat fruits and vegetables, but they all must be sufficiently blended to a semi liquid state. As part of your diet you are going to need to ingest enough liquids to prevent any dehydration from occurring.

One of the major problems of a gastric bypass is the lack of proper nutrients. The portion of your stomach that you are now able to use is much smaller. Furthermore, a large portion of your intestines was bypassed. Because of these two combined factors, your body is unable to process your food as it once did to supply the needed nutrients. Your stomach and intestines are what breaks down the food and absorbs it into the body. Since they are no longer able to do this due to the much smaller size and functioning area, you will need follow a strict diet for gastric bypass as well as supplement your body with the daily use of the vitamins and proteins it needs. Your physician will probably give you a prescription for these before you leave the hospital. This is not a temporary measure, but something you must do everyday of your life from now on. If you do not, you will have other health problems. However, taking medication is not a difficult thing to do, and if you adhere to it, your chances of problems are greatly reduced.

After you have been on your semi liquid diet for gastric bypass a few weeks, your doctor will start allowing you to take solid foods. You will still be required to eat very slowly and watch the quantity of your intake, but at least you can start eating a little more naturally and have some of the foods you previously enjoyed. However, there will be many foods you ate in the past that will now be off forever off limits, and if you eat them you will only be asking for problems and lowering your chances of long term success.

This article has not given you a list of any exact foods you can eat or not eat on your diet for gastric bypass. This is up to your private physician. He has gone over your case thoroughly and knows what is best for you. Just do as your are advised, follow your diet for gastric bypass, and you will join the 80% of bypass patients who achieve their long term weight loss and live better, healthier lives. If you are interested you should read our information on gastric bypass recipes in the list of articles.