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Although there have been tremendous improvements in almost every aspect of weight loss medical procedures, there are still unforeseen dangers of gastric bypass surgery that can occur because of the seriousness of the operation. Anyone considering bypass surgery should be aware of these possible complications.

A complication is an unexpected medical problem that occurs during or after a major or even a minor surgery. The problem can be either physical or psychological.

Though the percentages are small, here are some of the dangers of gastric bypass surgery that can occur and a small discussion of each.

1 – Infections are one of the most common bypass surgery complications. Major infections occur in around 2% of all surgeries. The infection may come in the form of an abscess, wound infection, pneumonia or urinary tract infection. At times these infections may require the patient to have another operation, but they can usually be taken care of with cleaning and antibiotics.

2 – Gastronomical problems also occur in around 2% of bypass surgery operations. Gastronomical problems can be caused leakage of bowel connections or by adhesions that have formed in the abdomen causing a blockage.

3 – Tranfusion for blood loss is another one of the dangers of gastric bypass surgery that happens approximately 2% of the time. The blood loss usually occurs either because of a hemorrage that has occurred because of a leaking blood vessel or because of the Heparin effect. Herparin is used to prevent blood clotting and pulmonary embolism during the operation but at times it can cause delayed bleeding after the surgery is performed.

4 – Incision hernias are late complications (months after the operation) that occur in as many as 8% of bypass patients. These are not as serious as the above complications but still must be treated.

5 – Psychological problems occur in around 5% of those who have weight loss surgery. The lifestyle changes that must be made for long term weight loss goals to be met is so significant that many individuals have a hard time coping.

Although there are other dangers of gastric bypass surgery that can occur the percentages are even smaller than the above so they happen very rarely.

To those thinking about having a gastric bypass some of these figures may seem large. However they are very much the same in any major operation. It is not because of the particular dangers of bypass surgery in itself, but because of the complications that can occur in any major surgery where open wounds are incurred.

Having gastric bypass surgery can be both a personal and a medical decision. It is of course always better for an obese person to try to lose weight by diet and exercise, but if these methods have been tried to no avail, surgery may be the only option. If a patient has been advised their health is being endangered by their obese condition, the dangers of gastric bypass surgery may be small in comparison to the risk they are experiencing because of morbid obesity.

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