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Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Depending on the exact type of bariatric surgery that you are getting, the cost of each type of operation can vary from $20,000 to $40,000. The location of the surgery as well as the complexity of the operation all combine to form the final number that you will see on your hospital bill. Of course, the type of surgery also has to do with the specific needs as prescribed by the attending physician for the specific case in consideration. What follows is a rough guide to analyzing the cost of gastric bypass surgery so one can adequately plan for the expenses that are to be settled via Medicare or as a personal expense once the bill comes out.

Taking all factors into account, a gastric bypass surgery can set you back by $20,000 to $35,000. The cost is broken down into anesthesia fees, hospitalization and use of hospital facilities, surgeon’s charge, pre-operation laboratory including x-ray fees, and post-operative care and recovery. There are also other factors that are “on-top” considerations when estimating the cost of gastric bypass surgery which over a period could actually double the actual monies paid out. This means that these factors are not necessary but are nice-to-haves as it relates to the patient post-surgery. Among the classic examples are dieting and exercise plans with the assistance of a professional dietician or nutritionist, post-surgery therapy, vitamins and other supplemental medicine, and cosmetic surgeries to re-shape the body by removing excess skin from the weight loss, improving muscle definition, tummy tucks, facelift, breast augmentation and the likes. These are not normally considered in the initial estimate for the cost of gastric bypass surgery but these can also require a considerable amount if needed done.

Of course, the range with which the cost of gastric bypass surgery estimates are based on cover a wide range of considerations. In urban areas for example such as in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago the surgeon fees and use of hospital facilities is higher due to higher demand. In the same way, less urban areas can charge lower doctor fees but you might also be exposed to less experienced doctors than others. Another consideration has to do with the required length of post-operative care; typical estimates put it at 90 days but faster recovery can cut your expenses further. Lastly, you will need to consider if your doctor or preferred hospital is part of your network of approved health institutions for your specific health plan in order to avoid complications with regard to payments.

Your best bet at getting a more definitive estimate of the cost of gastric bypass surgery for a specific case is to talk to an actual doctor who can give more concrete recommendations. You can ask doctors the specific components of a particular cost estimate as well as what’s negotiable and what isn’t, what’s compulsory and what’s not, the likelihood of insurance coverage on the specific procedure suggested and many others.

In most cases, Medicare covers a portion of the cost of gastric bypass surgery so it is important to check with your Medicare agent if gastric bypass is a valid claim that you can place. In other cases, doctors can write a recommendation regarding the health implications of one’s condition which gives it sufficient backing to become a formal Medicare claim.

Plan your strategy well so you will be left with little to worry about on the day of the procedure. Do your homework at the onset so you don’t get caught in any surprise pertaining to the cost of gastric bypass surgery.

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