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With the advancements in the understanding of the relationship between weight gain and comorbidities, there is now an increasing push for bypass surgery and diabetes treatment options. Of course, patients must clearly understand that the option only works where diabetes is caused by weight gain. In normal cases where there is an inherent metabolic problem resulting to insulin imbalances and therefore diabetes, bypass surgery and diabetes are two totally irrelevant conditions that must be treated differently.

With regard to the connection between weight gain, bypass surgery and diabetes, the understanding only came to light over the last few years following intensive medical research. To summarize, consider the following chronology of events that tie all three conditions together.

1. The patient gains weight due to a combination of overeating and limited physical activity. The excess weight increases the amount of sugar in the blood as a result of the continuous conversion of glucose to body fat and vice versa.

2. The body is pushed to the limit in dealing with the elevated sugar level. The heightened demand increases the patient’s risk of incurring diabetes because at some later point, the body can no longer cope up with the massive demand for conversion of sugar to body fat and vice versa.

3. Diabetes sets in as a result of the hormonal imbalance from the rigorous sugar level fluctuations.

4. Diabetes combined with the weight gain leads to the development of coronary heart disease which is only one of the fatal consequence of morbid obesity.

The succeeding risks need little elaboration; CHD has been known to cause fatalities across all demographic, racial background, and age. Simply put, the onset of weight gain leads to a chain of events that produces deadly consequences for the patient.

The relationship between bypass surgery and diabetes is made clear in this regard; recent medical data has shown that by restoring the body’s sugar cycles to a more tamed level, it will allow the body to respond to the lower demand. That should hopefully reset the hormones allowing the body to recover from diabetes.

Common bypass surgery and diabetes options include Route-en-Y and laparoscopic adjustable band surgery which represent two spectrums of weight loss surgery. The first one is permanent and offers the best chance for immediate results while the second is less invasive, reversible but likewise more gradual.

If you are contemplating bypass surgery and diabetes treatment options together, you will need to talk to your doctor about the requirements that would put you on the high priority for weight loss surgery. Subsequently, it is important to plan well and decide on the surgery specifics so you can be confident of your choice. Be confident that with bypass surgery and diabetes treatment options, you would be back on the road to health in no time!