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The Advantages of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is a popular surgical procedure for helping people with serious weight problems get back control of their bodies. Individuals who have a BMI that is greater than 40 are at a higher risk of contracting long term illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Moreover, these individuals may subconsciously or consciously feel embarrassed about how they look. However, with one of the gastric bypass procedures, these individuals can control their weight, stop their eating problems and achieve drastic weight loss results in a very short period of time. For these reasons there are many advantages of gastric bypass surgery.

There are many forms of gastric bypass procedures, each having a different term depending on the surgical techniques involved. The basic gastric bypass procedure will involve a surgeon dividing the stomach into two pouches; one larger pouch and a smaller pouch which lies on top of the larger pouch. The procedure also involves the surgeon realigning the small intestine so as to connect the pouches to it. In this way, the amount of food that can be held in the stomach is substantially reduced.

There are numerous health benefits to be gained when considering a gastric bypass procedure. One of the advantages of gastric bypass surgery is that it can be a lifesaving treatment for treating morbid obesity in individuals. There are serious health consequences associated with morbid obesity besides diabetes type 2 and heart disease. Complications such as sleep apnea and hypertension are common with individuals who are morbidly obese. Through the gastric bypass procedure, the lives of these individuals are greatly improved.

One of the more common advantages of gastric bypass surgery is that it saves one money. Individuals who have a BMI greater than 40 are more prone to suffering from any number of medical problems, all of which have a prescribed treatment along with a large amount of medications. The medication and treatments can be quite costly and usually are a burden to the individual and their family. Fortunately, with the gastric bypass surgical procedure, one is able to save on future medication and treatments as their dependence on such medication is reduced substantially or even totally eliminated.

To enjoy the advantages of gastric bypass surgery, one has to be an eligible candidate for the procedure. One has to understand that the procedure is not recommended for everyone and may have serious health risks for candidates who are not eligible. To determine whether or not you are eligible, you will have to speak with your physician who will then perform a medical evaluation to see whether or not the procedure is right for you. The physician’s final decision normally takes into account a number of factors such as one’s age, current health complications, ethnicity etc.

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